1.st Day

The day began with the usual welcoming to the cluster of schools by the Director, Armando Machado, who thanked the presence of the committees, wishing an excellent week of reflection and a great staying.

Afterwards, and so that everyone got to know each other, the different groups presented their school, region and country of origin.

Then, there was a guided tour of the school for the teachers and presentation games for the students.

In the afternoon, the delegation went to the Vila Verde Town Hall, where they were received in the main saloon by the town councillor for education, Júlia Fernandes, who thanked everyone for their presence and gave a description of the municipality.

Before returning to school, the students visited the Knowledge House and took part in several activities developed there.



2.nd Day

In the morning, there was training activities for the students and teachers.

While the students tried to answer the question "Why green entrepreneurship?" having in mind the entrepreneur profile and the creation of a business model, the teachers were invited to reflect about "Eco innovation and design maintenance in green entrepreneurship" and "Natural resources maintenance in green entrepreneurship".

Speakers were Carlos Santos, from Human Power Hub (who lectured on the concepts of green economy, circular economy and blue economy) and Sílvia Correia from Creative Zone (who complemented the previous presentation and presented the eco-social business model of Re.store). At the end, this entrepreneur challenged the participants to reproduce a model of the production chain of one of her articles.

In the afternoon, the group visited Braval's eco-park, being guided by its manager, Pedro Machado who explained the importance of the correct recycling of waste.



3.rd Day

During the morning, the students improved their work and prepared their final presentations.

Meanwhile, the training for teachers continued with the themes: "Developing Financial Access Routes for Green Entrepreneurs" and "The Green Entrepreneur Culture and Business Model Ideas".

The panel was composed by four speakers: Isabel Oliveira, from Town Hall of Vila Verde; Paulo Pereira from ATAHCA (regional development association); Fernando Duarte, from University of Minho; and Ângela Pereira from Biobrássica (local organic produce trading company).

The first one spoke about the several "Future challenges for green entrepreneurship" in the EU framework and how the municipality seeks to respond by supporting entrepreneurs.

The second one showed how this regional association supports and encourages entrepreneurship.

Fernando Duarte, from the polymers department of the University of Minho, presented the Bekoffee project, which allows a new use for coffee grounds.

Finally, Ângela Pereira presented her business model, which currently ranges from research/production of vegetables to local commerce.

In the afternoon, teachers and students could get to know the school's reality, through their clubs: participating in origami, creative workshop and organic farming workshops.



4.th Day

During the morning, the delegation visited an organic farming company – "Aromáticas Vivas". There, they were able to observe the whole production chain: land preparation, sowing, germination, growth, organic fight, harvest, packaging and expedition to the market.

There was still time for a walk by the sea... which some had never seen it.

The afternoon was dedicated to getting to know part of the heritage of the "Princess of Lima" – Viana do Castelo.



5.th Day

Day dedicated to the final activities: the students presented the work developed in their sessions.

At the end, the Carnival Parade of the kindergarten and elementary school students from the Ribeira do Neiva area awaited them. It was an excellent example of creativity to what can be done by reusing materials; following the ideas of eTwinning theme of this project - "Waste is not garbage".

Before lunch everybody socialized and visited the Neiva River.

In the afternoon, there was a sightseeing tour to the heritage of Braga, passing by Bom Jesus and the historical centre.

At the sunset, the closing of this mobility was done with the delivery of diplomas to the students, teachers and families who participated in this Project.



6.th Day - Goodbyes

The LTTA to Portugal "Green Thinking Entrepreneur Youth for the World" came to the end this Saturday, 22nd February, with the presence of partners from Turkey and the Czech Republic.

Throughout a week, students and teachers in this project about entrepreneurship in the circular economy, worked and reflected on various perspectives that entrepreneurs face in this activity sector.

It was a search for an answer to the question "Why green entrepreneurship?"

Many thanks to all those who, in one way or another, contributed to the success of this mobility.

Here are these pictures of the farewell moment.

Intense moments for students, teachers and families.

Moments of see you soon... in Italy.



The Portuguese Coordinator, Arlindo Areias