Our  organisation is a vocational school for tourism and business studies, Our students are between the ages of 14-18. Our school is situated in the south east of Sicily, an island full of history, culture and natural beauty. Our region is full of artistic, cultural and environmental beauties and it is famous for its fantastic and genuine food.

I teach in a vocational school with seven departments( classical, human science, artistic, linguistic, technical, vocational) my school is in a small town near Syracuse in Sicily, we are 120 teachers with 600 students. My school has seven different departments, obviously in the field classical or human science there is not problems because the students belong to the middle class and they chose this kind of school because their idea is to continue with the university.

Instead the problems are in the vocational school in which the students 14-18 years belong to family not rich and so sometimes is necessary to leave the school and to go to work.